Thursday, November 25, 2010

Second Toy Drive Party Revealed!

Well, it's a well known fact, Sonny Jim, that Santa, yes, the Santa Claus is a fan of Tiki drinks and Tiki parties. And wouldn't you know it? Steuben's Food Service, your friendly Colorado chapter of the USBG and William Grant & Sons have banded together to postpone Santa's annual making of lists and checking of them twice (because you know we're all on his naughty list) and to get his bearded, cookie lovin' ass to Denver for a good ol' fashioned TIKI PARTY!

If you were at the shin-dig last year, there's little more I can say. You arrive after a lengthy stop at Target with unwrapped toys in your hand. You receive two drink tickets for every toy you bring. You drink the drinks, you tip your bartenders (all tips will be donated to the Salvation Army), and ...hopefully...this will sway Santa's decision to put your name back on the "nice" list and you really will get Glee Karaoke Revolution in your stocking.

We'll see you on Monday, December 13th from 9pm to 2am for the season's biggest (read: best) party.

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