Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle Royale For Colorado Glory!

Here Ye, Here Ye...or something like that.

In case you've been at work all week, slinging drinks for this crazy convention that's in town, our COBG Secretary, and weekly Westword blogger extraordinaire Mr. Sean Kenyan has thrown down the gauntlet to all of us out there in the Colorado bartending world. We here at the COBG blog our pleased to announce the announcement of the contest to create THE Colorado Cocktail.

Here's them rules:

1. The base spirit (at least 1.5 oz.) must be produced in Colorado.
2. The drink has a maximum of 7 ingredients (includes garnish)
3. All ingredients must be readily available. No homemade ingredients.
4. Anyone submitting a nominee must be a bartender working in a Colorado restaurant.

Submit your cocktail recipe with preparation instructions and a few sentences on why it should be the official Colorado Cocktail to by January 1, 2011.

Then, judges will come by your restaurant and drink your cocktail, which Sean advises actually be on the menu for your patrons to enjoy as well. Then they'll narrow down the selections to a top ten and have a live contest in February, which will be one hell of a shindig, I'm sure. The winner will of course, get some prizes and the chance to rub it in all of our faces.

Check out the Westword blog for exact details here.

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