Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bulleit Bourbon Tasting

Last Thursday (yes, I know, I've been slacking), several COBG members rushed to Root Down for an informal, yet educational, bourbon lunch hosted by none other than Tom Bulleit himself. A welcome cocktail (featuring, of course, Bulleit Bourbon, grapefruit juice and celery bitters) was prepared by our very own Anika Zappe, as Mr. Bulleit wandered the crowd of industry professionals, shaking hands and kissing babies.

The rest of the afternoon was your typical tasting with an extraordinary lunch compiled by Justin Cucci and the rest of the excellent Root Down staffers. Following lunch was a short, yet affable presentation by Mr. Bulleit, who just might be the nicest (and genuinely humble) person in the booze industry. We tasted (the usual suspects - Maker's, Jack, Turkey...), we asked some questions, talked Tales of the Cocktail, hyped the already hyped Green Russell, and wondered aloud why Mike Henderson is no longer eating meat.

All in all, a welcome Thursday of Bourbon and Bartenders...well needed since most of us had to rush off to work the weekend prior to the end of the Q&A.

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