Wednesday, November 24, 2010

42 Below Cocktail World Cup

That's right kids. It's here.

See that guy on the left with the American flag draped around him like a superhero cape? Yup. His name's Mark. Last name, Stoddard. This time last year he was just like you and I, another bartender in the Denver Metro area who could put a few ingredients together and make the ladies across the bar swoon. But then Mark entered the 42Below Competition here in Denver. He did well. Really well, actually. He and his two friends in the picture went to New Zealand, rode in speed boats, bungie jumped and cocktailed their way to world domination. When Mark left Boulder's Bitter Bar to travel the globe he was just like you and I. But look at him now! He has a Flag Cape!

All kidding aside, you all know about the 42Below competition and what it can do for your career. All I'm here to do is to let you know, if your friendly 42Below rep hasn't yet, that you'd better start getting your recipes ready and entered. This year's comp is going to be fierce and at the Bluebird Theater, which is pretty freaking sweet. So belly up, read the rules here, and get yourself entered.

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