Friday, January 6, 2012

Fee Bros. Brunch

Happy New Year, COBG!

We know it's the 6th, but we're still recovering from our holidaze fog, so it's better late than never. We thinks we might have ingested one too many glass of spiked egg nog at the company party and wound up leaving our Christmas pants somewhere other than the floor of our bedroom. We're still looking...

But enough about us. Are you ready for a 2012 filled with COBG events?

We are. So to get started, we'd like to announce our January COBG event on Saturday, Jan. 21st at Noon, Joe Fee of Fee Bros. will be stopping by Lou's FoodBar for a brunch that will include 25 of you good people. It'll be informal, but Joe will discuss his bitters, his family, and the history of the brand.

Fee Bros History Brunch is open to the first 25 members who RSVP to THIS email. We will not be posting this on Facebook.

When: Saturday Jan. 21st @ Noon
Where: Lou's FoodBar @ 1851 West 38th Avenue, Denver

Now...where the hell were those pants??

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