Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Competing in Competitions' Seminar with USBG Master Mixologist Bobby Gleason

Hey Gang!

There are still a few seats left for next weeks seminar on Competing in Cocktail Competitions so get your RSVPs in as soon as possible if you want to attend.   For all of you who took and passed Bar Smarts this year you are all now paid member of the COBG so if you are interested in attending please do not hesitate!

This really is going to be an incredibly educational class and I think is something everyone and anyone who's into cocktail competitions should try to attend.  I promise, just by attending this class everyone who attends from seasoned veterans to first timers will DRAMATICALLY improve their competition game.

In addition to the class we have some very big COBG news to share with you all so even if cocktail competitions aren't your thing but the COBG is, you might want to consider attending anyways... just sayin'.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you all on Tuesday!



On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 11:37 AM, COBG <> wrote:
Hello COBG!

COBG & LUPEC 'Competing in Competitions' seminar with USBG Master Mixologist Bobby Gleason

With an increasing number of cocktail competitions being held and an increasing number of Colorado bartenders winning national competitions, we thought it might be a good time to conduct a class on how to be competitive both locally and nationally and give Colorado bartenders the tools to kick ass in competitions. As you may know, the rules for competing on a national level can be much more strict than those held at the regional. However, most of us competing at the regional level haven't had access to information on how to compete nationally.

Well, that's about to change. We've invited USBG Master Mixologist Bobby Gleason to town for a hands-on class on competitive bartending. Bobby G. is one of 3 USBG certified master mixologists and is an expert in both the technical and liquid aspects of competing in a cocktail competition. Bobby has been both a technical and blind judge in numerous competitions and will be sharing with us what it takes to win. In addition, Bobby will be leading a panel discussion on competing in competitions along with our three of Colorado's national winners Bryan Dayton, Mark Stoddard, and Sean Kenyon.

You wont want to miss this event and its safe to say this will be one of the most educational, worthwhile, and eye opening event the COBG has ever held. Space will be limited to the first 40 people to RSVP and is exclusively for paid USBG and/or LUPEC members only.

Root Down
1600 West 33rd Avenue 
Denver, CO 80211-3507

When: Tuesday, December 13th at Noon

Sponsored by Beam Global, food provided by Root Down

Please RSVP to (aka...this email)


Mike Henderson
Colorado Bartenders' Guild

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