Thursday, August 25, 2011

St. Germain Can-Can Competition

Dear Bartenders,

We love it when you compete for's great for the kids and the community, and well...usually your pocketbook. That's why we wanted to let you know abou tthe 4th Annual Edible Communities & St. Germain Can-Can Classic.

Your Task: To develop an original cocktail recipe with St. Germain that utilizes the bounty that is Colorado seasonal ingredients.

Your Prize: Each area will have one winner who will receive a profile in Edible Communities Magazine, a Yarai mixing glass from Cocktail Kingdom and a chance to win $10 Grand!

All you have to do to enter by 8/31/2011 - That's next Wednesday folks...get workin!

Vsit and submit your recipe. Also, you must submit this recipe as well to Lyndsey Geiger @ LGEIGER@STGERMAIN.FR

Good Luck Everyone!

2011 Can-Can Competition Colorado Entry Form.doc Download this file

CAN-CAN PDF LOCAL TRADE.pdf Download this file

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