Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ICE, ICE Baby & Denver F&W

Hey COBGers!

So in keeping up with this year's theme of educational opportunities for our community, our friends at Hendrick's Gin are bringing an Ice Program class with John Santer this Tuesday, August 30th.

Beginning at 2 pm, join us at Freshcraft (1530 Blake Street) as we will have a hands-on class where we will be taking down a 300lb block of ice into 2-inch cubes, spheres, cylinders...etc. Mr. Santer will be speaking about managing a proper ice program from storage to carving, shaping and cocktail specific ice usage (and yes, that is the technical term). There will be food, and most importantly, cocktails. The class is free and is guaranteed to be educational as well as enjoyable.

Please RSVP to THIS email address to let us know you'll be attending.

Also...remember, we're looking for a few more Food and Wine volunteers for the weekend of the 9th & 10th. If you're interested in working with us Friday night or Saturday day, please check your email or our website and RSVP ASAP.

Thanks everyone. Have a great rest of August, and we'll see you in Ice Class!

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