Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our First 2011 COBG Meeting & Whiskey Brigade

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Hi Dee Ho Kids!

As you may already know, Denver kicked some serious Bar Smarts ass last month and as a celebration and introduction for all of our new members, we thought we would throw a little meet and greet party at Vesta Dipping Grill on Wednesday, May 11th from Noon - 1 pm.

Brought to you by Domaine de Canton, Peach Street Distillers and Justin Bieber's, we were just told Bieber Bangs Inc. just pulled their sponsorship. Bummer.

Anywho, we're all set for our FIRST 2011 COBG Meeting. If there's only ONE COBG Guild Meeting you're planning on attending this year, this is it.

For just the LOW LOW price of ABSOLUTELY FREE you'll receive:
1) Cocktails (duh!)
2) Food
3) An Introduction to new members and current members to the COBG and it's current Officers
4) A State of the Union, so to speak. We want as many ideas from you all as possible to make the Colorado Bartenders Guild one of the best in the nation.


After the meeting we're going to take the FIRST 30 to RSVP to the Rockies vs. Mets Game at 1:10.... courtesy of your friends at the COBG. We'll also be handing out free bags of homemade cracker jacks and pats on the back.

So Be There.

And in further news, Skyy Spirits is bringing all things Whisk(e)y to the Green Russell on Monday, May 9th from 8 - 10 pm. We've attached the invite. You have to RSVP to by this Friday to reserve your place in the base...wait for it...ment.

So RSVP to to snag your seat for the game, and RSVP to to snag your seat for the booze.


Loves, hugs and bar spoons,


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