Friday, April 22, 2011

Kentucky derby Party needs bartenders

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Date: Apr 22, 2011 2:29 PM
Subject: Kentucky derby Party needs bartenders
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The organizers of the huge Annual Kentucky Derby event at Infinity Park in Glendale (they have outgrown the Botanical Gardens where the event has been held for 10yrs), have sent us a request for 30 bartenders for the Derby Party. If you are available and would like to participate, please email us with your name and phone number so that we can forward your info to them. See Info below...
DATE:  Saturday, May 7, 2011
WHERE: Infinity Park, Glendale
TIME:   11am to 7pm (aproximately)
PAY:    $5/hour, plus tips (there should be no problem in making at least $25/hour in tips based upon the last couple years information)
DETAILS:  This event is a large party for the Kentucky Derby.  For the last several years this has been held at the Botanical Gardens.  They have outgrown that facility.  Current expected attendance is around 4,000, but they are still selling tickets and have requested 60 bartenders and 6 runners for the event.  I need 30 basic bartenders.  They will be serving tap beer, wine, sodas and waters.  There will be 3 areas that will involve a full bar (vodka, rum and bourbon), along with beer, mint juleps and champagne.  I am not quite sure where everyone will be working yet as they are still finalizing placement of everything.  I would like to schedule a meeting with everyone next Monday, May 2nd at 6pm at the stadium.  At that time I will go over all the details for the day and get more of an idea as to where I will place certain people.  I also need everyone to wear black dress pants and a white shirt.

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