Wednesday, March 23, 2011

USBG and Don Q Rum Ultimate MixOff Challenge!

Contests, contests, contests...phew! Are you exhausted yet? Hope not, cause this one's sweet...

Everyone...The USBG and Don Q Rum are having their annual MixOff for a trip to NYC for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. It's easy, make up a recipe, submit it to by April 15th (TAX DAY...DUN DUN DUN) and wait to hear back from us. We figured that with all the crazyness going on with BarSmarts and such that a mail-in contest seemed appropriate (for us anyway). Here's them rules...

Competition Drink Category Descriptions:

 1.       Fancy Spirited Cocktail with a Signature Ingredient: Competitor will utilize the DonQ family of rums, limited ingredients and a “signature” or “housemade” ingredient that is made by the mixologist, whether it be bitters, an infusion, foam, etc. Primarily judged on creativity, technique, seasonality and visual. There will be a secondary judging on best “signature” ingredient as it stands alone.

2.       Fruit Forward Long Drink with a Garnish Focus: Use of seasonal ingredients and pairing of such in a rum drink utilizing the DonQ family of rums. Primarily judged on technique, creativity, flavor. There will be a secondary judging on the garnish and its look and creativity as it stands alone.

So send us your best shot(s) — two seperate recipes please — to us by the 15th. TWO — yes TWO — COBG competitors will head to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic the week of May 14th to compete in the final round - courtesy of Don Q.

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